Active Projects

Youtube Album Splitter - 2022

Youtube Album Splitter
Web site created using create-react-app

This uses FFMPEG to divide lengthy music playlists on YouTube, turning them into separate .mp3 files for convenience and easy access.

Archived Projects

ElytraFlight - 2022

This quality-of-life Minecraft mod eases gameplay by automatically switching between your elytra and chestplate when you double-jump or equip fireworks.

WFC Minecraft - 2021

This integration of wave function collapse algorithm into Minecraft helps in algorithmically producing new and adaptable structures within the game.

CSGO NZT - 2021

A proof-of-concept CSGO multi-hack using C++ and uncommon read-process-memory & write-process-memory detection vectors. Done in part of a cybersecurity research and audit paper

Automated Instagram Meme Scheduler - 2020

This Instagram bot automatically sources memes from popular subreddits for meme pages, with the added feature of planning posts and engagement activities.

Gumtree Car Deals Sniping Tool - 2019

This platform is designed as an efficient sniper bot that sifts through every post on Gumtree Cars in search of "too good to be true" car deals that are typically gone quickly, eliminating the need to manually filter out spam posts or damaged cars. Using a combination of neural networks and searches, it set parameters and analyzes reasons for unusually low pricing, making the hunt for great car deals seamless and effective.

CSGO Neural Network Aimbot - 2019

This project is a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) aimbot, developed with a neural network utilizing the Intel Neural Compute Stick 2.0 and enhanced with OpenCV & OpenVINO.